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Who we are

Small business is the American Dream and small business lending is the fuel. We are proud to serve this community of doers.

Everything we do is focused on delivering the right solution at the right time.

Our clients return and refer us to family and friends, the ultimate measure of our work.

We welcome you and thank you for your interest. Click or call now and experience the difference when your lender treats you as a customer for life.

Why use Fidelity Finance Group

As a business owner time is valuable and there is never enough of it in a day.  There are countless lenders in the business finance space, each with their own financial products and lending criteria.  Identifying the correct lender to position your company with is time consuming and frustrating.

The Fidelity team is comprised of industry veterans, who have long established relationships with the top financial institutions in the industry.  Along with the relationships we have a deep understanding of all the lender guidelines, stipulations and criteria, allowing us to quickly and efficiently navigate the finance jungle to secure the best fit product for your business’ current situation.